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Advanced User Targeting via Strong Context and Audience Matching

Every ad campaign starts by identifying the right user. With our proprietary advertising technology and exclusive partnerships we leverage reliable data sources to better target audiences. By combining exclusive geo-location, point of interest, audience segment, and content data we are able to build stronger audience segments and provide our clients with ever evolving audience targeting groups.

Customized messaging via our creative solutions

Once the right user is found, engaging and contextual messaging is critical during the ad life cycle. Our in-house creative team places emphasis on designing tailored creative solutions to help clients reach niche audiences. With highly customizable and tailored Rich Media attributes we can significantly boost user conversion rates and engagement.

  • Creative Design
  • Creative Development
  • Creative Consulting

Data-driven decisioning via our 360˚ tracking technology

Our methodologies around using non-inferred data allows us to accurately track and report on campaigns for deeper and accurate consumer insights. Through a variety of reporting capabilities we arm our clients with decision-making power to better tailor future campaigns.

Here are some of the ad formats we excel at


Native Touch Ad Formats Banners

Banners across mobile and tablet devices leveraging dynamic data feeds and in banner video previews.


Native Touch Ad Formats Video

Video formats including pre-roll, vertical video, 360-video and video with end card.

Rich Media

Native Touch Ad Formats Rich Media

From standard click to expand banners to fully integrated ecommerce product feeds.


Native Touch Ad Formats Native

Sponsored emojis to native content spanning across mobile apps and web.

With 69% of digital spending projected to be invested in mobile by 2019, it is essential that brands and publishers place an increased focus on the limitless opportunity mobile has to offer.

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