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Creative Vertical Entertainment

Rich Media units & strategies catering to the entertainment industry.

Creative Vertical

Rich Media units & strategies catered for the entertainment industry.

Vertical HD

Vertical Video with End Card

Immerse a user in an impactful video format occupying the full screen, and once completed, provide a clear call to action with a custom end card for further engagement. This impactful video format takes up the users entire screen and once completed, serves an end card for further engagement.


  • Drives brand impact and video completion.
  • Uses maximum amount of screen real estate.
  • End card provides the user with follow up action.

Find and Catch

Gamified Brand Experience

ncourage users to engage with your brand by providing a customized gaming experience in line with your goals. This unit is formatted into a click to expand. Click to expand formats imply intent and drive high-value brand engagements.


  • Dynamic content based on time.

Tap n’ Go

Gamified Video

This unique vertical instream video format allows interaction to take place within a publishers video content stream. As the video plays, tappable prompts pop up at the bottom, which allows the user to interact with the characters in a video format.


  • High video completion rates.
  • Uses maximum amount of screen real estate.
  • Provides a branded game-like experience.

Character Reel

Sync’d Video

Increase brand awareness and recall with a character reel synced with a video or movie trailer. This full screen unit creates a seamless experience between video and skin content. As the video plays and characters are introduced, additional information can be shown in the order the characters appear in the video.


  • Increased completion rates.
  • Increased brand recall.


Video with Content Stream

Captivate a user with a new movie trailer, all while driving them to find nearby theatres and showtimes.
This interstitial format houses a trailer of a movie, as well as an interactive showtime section where the user is able to see showtimes for theatres closest to them.


  • Raise awareness of an upcoming release.
  • Increase engagement with nearby showtimes.

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