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Creative Vertical Automobile

Rich Media units & strategies catering to the automobile industry.

Creative Vertical

Rich Media units & strategies catered for the automobile industry.

Driver’s Seat

360° VR Experience

Immerse a user in the driver seat by providing a 360° interior and exterior view. This unit is formatted into a click to expand. Click to expand formats imply intent and drive high-value brand engagements.


  • Provides an immersive experience.
  • Increase engagement rates.
  • Increase time spent with brand.

Vertical HD

Vertical Video with End Card

Immerse a user in an impactful video format occupying the full screen, and once completed, provide a clear call to action with a custom end card for further engagement. This impactful video format takes up the users entire screen and once completed, serves an end card for further engagement.


  • Drives brand impact and video completion.
  • Uses maximum amount of screen real estate.
  • End card provides the user with follow up call to action.


Interstitial Carousel

This animated interstitial drives user engagement while building awareness of the Rush of Red campaign. The user can explore the featured models by taping the “Find your Ride” CTA or find dealer locations by tapping “Find a Dealer” which would redirect the user to a landing page.


  • Drive users to a location.
  • Increase brand and product awareness.

Working with Canada’s biggest brands and agencies

We believe in the limitless opportunities of mobile advertising. We use the power of customization, education and ongoing market research to help clients and partners navigate the rapidly growing and increasingly complex ecosystem. With 69% of digital spending projected to be invested in mobile by 2019, it is essential that brands and publishers place an increased focus on the limitless opportunities mobile has to offer.

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