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Creative Vertical QSR

Rich Media units & strategies catered for the QSR industry.

Creative Vertical QSR

Rich Media units & strategies catered for the summer season.

Live Countdown

CTE Countdown Promo with Map

Drive users to a POI with a countdown promo that builds a sense of urgency to redeem.

This impactful unit features multiple promotions rotating in a carousel highlighting the exciting Boston Pizzas $10 lunch specials.


  • Location aware for highly contextual targeting.
  • Live countdown to drive urgency.
  • Use with our Foot Traffic Attribution to measure online to offline conversions.


Dynamic Location Interstitials

Drive users to your nearest POI by showcasing live distance from the user to your location. Dynamic creative drives awareness and connects with the user by displaying relevant messaging and accurate distances to the closest POI.


  • Location aware for highly contextual targeting.
  • Live distance to POI encouraging user to take action.


Snapchat with Map

Engage users with a full-screen video with the ability to swipe up to find the nearest POI. This Snap ad format allows you to play a video which loops, within Snapchat, and once the user swipes up, showcase a customized web experience to the user.


  • Full screen engaging video format.
  • Location aware for highly contextual targeting.
  • Customizable experience.

Get That App

CTE Download App

Drive users to download your app with game like animations.  A CTA to download the app then redirects the users to the appropriate app store in relation to what device they are using.


  • Drive users to the device OS app store.
  • Custom animations that represent your brand.

Working with Canada’s biggest brands and agencies

We believe in the limitless opportunities of mobile advertising. We use the power of customization, education and ongoing market research to help clients and partners navigate the rapidly growing and increasingly complex ecosystem. With 69% of digital spending projected to be invested in mobile by 2019, it is essential that brands and publishers place an increased focus on the limitless opportunities mobile has to offer.

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