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Mobile App Usage Rising: What this means for Advertisers

State of Mobile Apps in 2022

Consumers love mobile apps. In fact, eMarketer estimates that adults in the U.S. spend 90% of their mobile usage time on apps vs. on mobile browsers. App store consumer spend also reached a new high in 2021 of $170 billion, proving the extent that consumers are prepared to pay for premium mobile experiences and services. 

It is imperative to address the significance of mobile marketing. Nearly 84% of the global population own a smartphone – that’s 6.6 billion people.

The number of businesses turning to mobile marketing solutions are increasing as people look to both engage with their existing audiences and reach a wider net. 

Multi-Device Usage Patterns 

Mobile devices are an important piece of the pie when it comes to consumer device usage. More than ever, consumers are switching between multiple devices per day. 5G technology allows consumers to stream movies, connect multiple devices, and browse the web on mobile comparable to standard desktop browsing. 

Moreover, mobile is a key component of cross-channel marketing campaigns. Mobile offers the potential to precisely target location marketing for significant personalization in marketing campaigns. Retailers, grocers, food and beverage, travel and hospitality, and more industries are leveraging mobile ad technologies to transform the way they market to, and interact with, their key customers. 

Mobile app usage in Canada

Similar to their U.S. counterparts, Canadians are spending significant amounts of time on their phones. The majority of Canadians leverage up to 9 apps a day, spending 4.5 hours on mobile apps in 2021 (up for 3.9 hours in 2020). Smartphone users in Canada are growing in number every year which in turn leads to more time spent (and eyeballs on) mobile apps. 

So what does this mean for advertisers? 

Mobile Apps offer a unique opportunity for marketers to reach users at times and locations when other marketing channels can’t. This is largely because apps are used consistently and frequently throughout the day, often in moments when users are unable to consume other media, or during their downtime. 

They are also proven methods of driving engagement and revenue. In fact, 63% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile apps offer relevant recommendations on products they may be interested in. 

According to eMarketer, $101bn was spent on mobile ads globally last year, and in-app ad click-through rate exceeded that of mobile web. Moreover, time spent on mobile apps continues to grow. With such opportunities for growth and engagement, it’s extremely important to leverage partners with expertise on how to target your ads, provide visually engaging content, and measure according to your established goals. 

App users also visit brick and mortar 41% more often than non-app users. By improving customer experience, apps further cement customer loyalty and increase the amount spent per visit. Additionally, they are a great source of information for consumers, which is more important than ever with the end of third-party cookies and do-not-track initiatives on the horizon. 


Native Touch Services 

The Native Touch Team is composed of passionate technology and advertising experts who pride themselves on doing things others can’t. We believe in the limitless opportunities of mobile advertising. We use the power of customization, education and ongoing market research to help clients and partners navigate the rapidly growing and increasingly complex ecosystem. 

We leverage our unique mobile platform to uncover rich audience insights and engage the right users for every campaign.

Thanks to real-time data, programmatic allows for real-time campaign optimization. Programmatic is an effective way to ensure that in-app ads reach the right audience at the right moment.