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Native Touch and Make Augmented Reality, A Reality

AR was always coming, it was just a matter of how long it would take. With the affects of COVID on many businesses, especially retail, AR experiences have come to the forefront for many brands trying to find innovative ways to engage with their customers.

Native Touch partnered up with Clearly Contacts to launch a first of its kind Augmented Reality ad unit showcasing some of Cleary's most popular eyeglass frames. This ad unit allows the customer to use their front facing camera on their mobile device and virtually try on eyeglasses.


For most people that purchase eyeglasses, it is a personal experience as your glasses can be a part of your identity. The challenge of purchasing eyeglass frames online have always been not knowing if they suit your face. And with the added inability to go into stores to try them on, Clearly Contacts needed to find innovative ways to reach their customers

The Solution

By building an AR Try-On ad unit, we were able eliminate the guessing and allow customers to see how the frames look in real-time. A user could also move their head around and see the frames at various angles.

Each frame was meticulously crafted into a 3D rendering to provide the most accurate look and feel when a user tried them on.

Combining this stellar and unique creative with our data targeting tactics, Native Touch was able to target consumers specifically in need of eyeglasses to drive powerful engagement and results.

Looking Ahead

AR advertising is in its infancy and is currently the best time for brands to embrace this powerful medium to engage with consumers.

As many retailers are no longer allowing consumers to try on products, AR experiences present an amazing opportunity for brands to allow for a consumers purchase journey to be similar to a real life experience.

Unique ad units like this have a fun, wow factor that promotes social media sharing and word of mouth sharing. The benefits of brand awareness / recall and engagement on AR ad units will prove to be an important tactic for many brands.

For more information on how we can help create an A/R campaign for you, please feel free to reach out.

Native Touch leads:

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Clearly Contact leads:

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