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Media Audience


Helping brands achieve impactful ad performance by creating custom, high-quality audiences at scale.

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Canadian mobile ad Tech company founded in 2010.

Native Touch leverages 2 types of dataset: Our datasets are derived
from 1st party integration with app partners. This allows us to ingest the data
in raw format, and have the capability to customize it.

App Detect

Data from SDK integration with partner apps
allows for Audience creation based on app ownership.

Approximately 18+ million MAIDs in Canada.

Geo-location Data

Our location data is sourced from SDK integrations
with location-enabled apps (navigation, weather,
dating, etc.) to identify physical locations that
audiences have visited. Over 120
points per user per day.

Approximately 18+ million MAIDs in Canada.

Creative Capability

Native Touch has a full team of creative developers that
advertisers can leverage. Our award-winning team has
won numerous awards and have built over 9000+ ads.
We help with the ad unit development from
concept to delivery.