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Creative Solutions

Creative way to enjoy Staycations

Creative Solutions

An all new summer vacation season

Be Flexible, Be Creative

We have seen a shift in consumer behaviour over the past few weeks and as the world shifts to a new reality, we believe Staycations will be a big part of the near future.

At Native Touch, we know that speed and efficiency are paramount. We can offer you help with digital creative services in hours, not days.


Reach Staycationers that have a passion for travel, but are home bound in these uncertain times. This audience is comprised of users with travel apps such as Expedia, TripAdvisor, Hopper, Airbnb, etc. and were seen taking international trips last year. Audience reach: 5,778,732 MAUs

NTFTA – Foot Traffic Attribution

Gain insights on Staycationer domestic travel such as:

  • Top points-of-interest

    • Learn which attractions and businesses are drawing people to your tourism region
  • Distance between home and visited points-of-interest

    • How far are Staycationers willing to travel?
  • Time between impression and visit

    • How long will Staycationers take to plan and act on a trip?


Dynamic Interstitial

As city/provincial/national restrictions ease, there will be a gradual road back to normal.

Use this dynamic interstitial to showcase various categories of businesses or services becoming available week over week.

All text is dynamic and can be translated into multiple languages that can be fed in dynamically through a feed.



  • Engage and educate
  • Reach users of all backgrounds with dynamic content


Reactive Video

Grab user attention while they scroll through content to highlight a feature, product or place and drive them to learn more with a large call to action.

Additional Features:
-Can be used existing video assets.
-Can be incorporated with other formats (Galleries, Carousels, Video, etc..).


  • Quickly grab a users attention

The Showcase

Interactive Video with Hotspots

Build from the ground up to best showcase a property or destination. Use a video to let users see what you have to offer along with interactive hotspots where they can explore additional information.


  • Location aware for highly contextual targeting
  • Video with hotspots for added engagement

Vertical HD

Vertical Video with End Card

Immerse a user in an impactful video format that occupies the entire screen.

Once the video is completed, a clear call to action with a custom end card entices users to continue engaging on the landing page.


  • Drives brand impact and video completion
  • Uses maximum amount of screen real estate
  • End card provides the user with follow up action

Working with Canada’s biggest brands and agencies

We believe in the limitless opportunities of mobile advertising. We use the power of customization, education and ongoing market research to help clients and partners navigate the rapidly growing and increasingly complex ecosystem. With 69% of digital spending projected to be invested in mobile by 2019, it is essential that brands and publishers place an increased focus on the limitless opportunities mobile has to offer.

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