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Here’s what’s going on at Native Touch.

Native Touch brings App-Based audiences to Canada with PushSpring

Announcing an exclusive partnership that will change the Canadian data marketplace

Native Touch, a Toronto based mobile ad network, has recently signed an exclusive Canadian partnership with PushSpring, a deterministic, mobile app ownership data provider. This mobile powerhouse partnership means accurate targeting and opens up creative solutions so advertisers can confidently reach their desired user. Read full press release here.

With this exclusive partnership, Native Touch’s User App Detect product is unmatched in the market. User App Detect leverages PushSpring’s deterministic and anonymous data on what apps a user has installed on their device. Native Touch can target users with specific apps or categories of apps. As an example, if a baby bottle advertiser wants to reach expecting mothers, a custom segment of users with pregnancy tracking apps can be utilized.

For more information on how this data can be leveraged through Native Touch, please contact us.

Native Touch is a leading Canadian mobile ad network catering mobile branding solutions to brands in harmony with their advertising strategies to engage the right consumers across all touch devices. Native Touch is made up of media strategists focused on helping brands innovate in the mobile media landscape. Since 2010, our clients have taken us along for the ride while experimenting, measuring and scaling their evolving mobile ad spends.

PushSpring is the leading independent mobile app audience data provider, offering data, tools, and intelligence products to advertisers and mobile app publishers. PushSpring processes billions of monthly mobile app and device-level signals to create a highly accurate and complete multi-dimensional classification of mobile app audiences, offering nearly 200 million targetable device IDs. PushSpring Personas and custom audience segments can be accessed via the PushSpring Audience Console and distributed through industry-leading DMPs, DSPs, and programmatic platforms including The Trade Desk, Google DBM, MediaMath, Centro, LiveRamp DataStore, and Oracle Data Cloud, as well as dozens of ad network platforms, to power mobile marketing objectives for brands and app owners.